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When would you need to use Compounding ?

There are many reasons why a health professional might turn to a Compounding Pharmacist. Whether you’re a Doctor, Specialist, Veterinarian, Dentist, Podiatrist or other Health Professional, you’ll know those patients who just don’t fit into a simple mould. 

We can tailor compounding prescriptions for these patients, to address their unique needs with confidence. Below are several applications of compounding chemistry that solve a problem regular pharmacists simply can’t.

Reformulation a dose form

Sometimes medicines need to be made into a different form to enable your patient to take them. For example, we make suspensions for children with reflux who cannot swallow capsules, and iron supplement creams which deliver the supplement directly into the bloodstream bypassing the stomach. Please contact us to talk about your patient’s optimal treatment solution.

Excipient allergies 

We can reformulate using  a raw active ingredient with cellulose filler in vegetable capsules or select an alternative cream base to what is available on the proprietary market.  Gluten and lactose free options are available.

Discontinued medicines

At times, prescription and over the counter medicines that were once readily available become unavailable. We are able to compound these medicines. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Fertility therapy

We can work directly with Fertility Specialists to compound the specific hormones required.


We compound a range of probiotic and prescription antiparasitic medicines.


We make a range of prescription and over the counter transdermal creams. We will work with you to formulate the optimal treatment solution for your patient.

Mucositis Palliative/Cancer care

Combination mouthwashes and other medicines are available either over the counter or on prescription.


Get in touch to talk more about how we can help you provide optimal care for your patient.