Our Services 

Whether you’re working to your own recipe or looking for a private label, you need to be able to trust your skin care formulation.

Let our expert team provide a guiding hand. 

Led by Michelle Loschiavo of plumped skincare, our dedicated team has a wealth of experience in research and formulation. We regularly attend a range of accredited training so that you can trust us to deliver the very best service Australia has to offer.

Be reassured by our advice on product supply, a minor formula adjustment or enjoy access to our state-of-the-art skincare laboratory for our full formulation, manufacture and supply service.

Our service is fully customisable, we’ll work with your unique needs at every stage of the process.

We’ve been developing quality formulations, mixing them in our lab and packaging them up since 2013.

We’ll help you get your skincare product just right, from start to finish. Every batch will be something you’ll be proud of.

Let’s collaborate

Private or white label

You’ve done the hard work and have a great brand ready to label up onto just the right formulation. You need to get that formulation right.  

Work with a team who pride themselves on their knowledge, expertise and passion for what they do.

We live and breathe skincare, compounding, and formulating. Let’s work together and take your brand to cult status.

Our formulations are:

        • High quality,
        • Consistent,
        • Safe,
        • Effective,
        • Tested, tried and trusted.


Get in touch to talk about working together.

Product supply

We’ve used our extensive experience in health, wellness and beauty to develop our own skincare range, plumped. Enjoy the ease of having a beautiful, quality skincare range, backed by experts and ready to sell.

Plumped is the ultimate culmination of:

  • Michelle’s expertise as a senior compounding pharmacist,
  • Her access to regular training in the latest active ingredients,
  • A state of the art laboratory ready for formulation and packaging, 
  • And her lifelong interest in health, wellness and beauty. 

Carefully formulated and meticulously tested, you can be confident about your reputation when you recommend plumped to your clients. Are you ready? Get in touch today.

Product development

Do you need support to develop a specific product? 

Using our expertise and our own state of the art labs, we can:

Develop a formula or help you to reformulate according to your specific requirements,
  • Test the formula for compliance with industry standards and regulations,
  • Suggest and supply appropriate packaging (which will change with your needs),
  • Present you with a final product, ready for manufacture and sale.

Let’s work together to develop your product the right way. 

Original Design Manufacture

You’ve already developed your perfect formulation and your branding is ready to label. Now, you need to partner with the right people to bring it all together. 

We’ll manufacture your original design to our own exceptional standards with every batch. Our knowledge, passion and dedication to quality will deliver you a product to be proud of.

Your product needs to be:

  • High quality,
  • Consistent,
  • Safe,
  • Effective,
  • Tested, tried and trusted.

Let’s get started!

Our Clients

Our expertise as compound pharmacists and our experience developing skincare means that we’ll partner with you to solve a wide range of problems.