Bakuchiol (Ba-koo-che-ol) is it really better than retinol ?

Bakuchiol (Ba-koo-che-ol) is it really better than retinol ?
Bakuchiol is clinically proven to be as effective, if not more effective than retinol at reversing ageing, protecting skin from further damage, and improving problem skin - without the drying, sensitisation effects of retinol. It doesn’t cause sun sensitivity so can be applied morning and night … how good ! It’s is completely plant based and has soothing anti-inflammatory properties .. perfect for acne-prone skin types. 
Recently the Therapeutic goods administration (TGA) removed retinol derivatives such as vitamin A palmitate, retinyl palmitate used in retail skin products so this has steered us towards using bakuchiol as an alternative to vitamin A based actives. So far we are just loving it. Our Plumped retinol/vitamin E serum has been replaced by another oil based serum that contains Squalane, vitamin E , Kakadu plum and jojoba. Likewise with our Plumped retinol /Hyaluronic acid gel cream.. the retinol component has been replaced by a healthy dose of bakuchiol. We guarantee you will be impressed by this little wonder of nature x 

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