Men’s skin matters too … Plumped Man to the rescue!!

Men’s skin matters too … Plumped Man to the rescue!!

With Father’s Day right around the corner this is the ideal time to get the men (and male teens) in your life sorted with a good skincare ritual.. 

As you well know, men and women differ in many ways including our skin.. men have around 20% thicker skin, with more collagen and more oil content … meaning more prone to acne and spots.  Interestingly their collagen (which is responsible for keeping things firm and wrinkle free) decreases at a steady rate through the ages whereas women’s collagen component drops away more dramatically, usually post menopausal. Hormones have a lot to answer for ! 
It has been found that men should have on average 15years on us women when it comes to ageing skin, however because women tend towards a skincare program and wear sunscreen more religiously (or avoid long periods of time working or playing in the sun), things even out.. soooo in saying this, men could actually slow the skin ageing process down by taking on a skincare regime. And that is why at Plumped we have put together the ultimate, yet simple, tool kit for our dads, husbands, partners, brothers, sons to take on!  If we make it too complex then it’s not going to be sustainable and there’s no need to load up on multiple products. 
3 simple steps will have these guys looking younger with a healthy glow. 
1. Plumped lactic gel cleanser .. for everyday use to wash off the day and reduce pore size . 

2. Plumped Hyaluronic acid 1% boost serum to replace hydration and smooth fine lines 

3. Plumped Vitamin B5, E and papaya moisturiser to replenish the skin with nutrients especially after shaving. 

 And don’t forget a good SPF sunscreen invisible zinc which creates a physical barrier against harmful rays! 

We are happy to discuss other skincare concerns and create a product to suit . 

As an introductory offer to Plumped Man, with each purchase of  the Plumped keep it simple pack, ($99), we will add in a mini Plumped Man body butter with 25% shea butter. ! The range is lightly scented with French vanilla & bourbon which Plumped Man will love . 💕

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