Oxytocin, the LOVE hormone everyone is talking about …!

Oxytocin, the LOVE hormone everyone is talking about …!
Suffering anxiety and want to improve your social confidence? Feeling awkward and dread towards social gatherings? Low libido and would love more intimacy with your partner? Need more sleep?
It is amazing that one hormone can influence such a range of life-altering situations … Here’s the lowdown on oxytocin, the hormone released during labour and childbirth, otherwise known as the bonding or love hormone. 

Oxytocin and love 
Oxytocin is often labelled the love hormone for both men and women. Oxytocin influences many physical and physiological actions within the body and  is elevated when we are in situations of stress, social bonding and intimacy or affection. The hormone helps to create a feeling of calm, closeness/intimacy, trust, social understanding, increase generosity, protectionist behaviours and intensifies sexual bonding and intimacy between partners. It is also used as an anitidote for drug withdrawl or cravings and is involved in the satifaction of hunger. 

Oxytocin and mental health 
Oxytocin influences our brains behaviour and is used to potentially help in many mental health disorders such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, eating disorders, severe anxiety and autism. In Autism, low levels of oxytocin are typically demonstrated.  Research has shown Oxytocin supplementation can decrease autistic traits such as fear in social situations and an increase in feelings of trust. It has been shown to potentially open up speech pathways. 
Oxytocin and sleep patterns 
We all need more sleep! Oxytocin is realeased in times of stress to reduce our stress hormone cortisol, promoting a feeling of calm and tranquility leading the path to better quality sleep patterns. The body certainly is a clever machine!
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