What is HCG and how can this help me lose weight?

What is HCG and how can this help me lose weight?
Human chorionic gonadotropin (aka HCG) is a chemical produced in our bodies when we find out that we are pregnant! And what does this have to do with weight loss you may ask ..?!?  It was discovered that it also helps suppress your appetite and when combined with a low (very low) calorie diet it can really speed the weight loss journey up!
So if you are finding it hard to lose those last few kilos or you have tried every fad diet… this may be an option to discuss with one of Pharmacists or your GP.  It may be that your weight gain is due to a hormonal imbalance due to menopause or andropause (male hormonal imbalance )… so yes you can reinstate that wardrobe and your favourite pair of skinny jeans!
So here’s the lowdown: 
The HCG diet is a unique dietary protocol that targets those hard to budge area's and boasts long lasting results. As mentioned, the HCG hormone is a naturally occuring hormone in the body present in high levels during pregnancy. HCG regulates metabolic processes within the body such as blood sugar stabilisation, restores leptin sensitivity (your hunger chemical ), sex hormone balance and can boost your metabolic rate. With all these beneifts of HCG combined with a calorie controlled diet for 21 to 42 days only, it makes dieting simple and effective with little to discourage you. 
The hormone targets our storage fat deposits and not the bodies necessary fat tissue, demonstrating a more desired whole body weight loss. Weight loss is rapid and steady up to 0.5-1kg per day, delivering your daily energy needs, helping eliminate any fatigue and hunger and boosting mood. Good eating habits are created and overall health can be improved, setting the stage for long term weight loss and improved quality of life. Talk to us or to your doctor about your suitability to the HCG diet protocol.

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