Don’t forget our furry friends !! Yes we compound veterinary meds too.

Don’t forget our furry friends !! Yes we compound veterinary meds too.

There are times when our furry friends need medication too! And sometimes these aren’t available on the general market from your Vet clinic .. but with a prescription from your Vet, we can whizz these up for you. 

The most common prescriptions we see would be either a medicine for a cat with an overactive thyroid or an anxious pup with separation anxiety who needs calming . 

The cream that is rubbed in the inner ear of the cat with the overactive thyroid, (this is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via this soft unfurry skin and is a much easier way of dosing the cat than via a tablet! ) Interestingly we use the same ingredient for this cream as we do for skin pigment fading creams for humans.  

When it comes to dosing a dog for anxiety or Obsessive compulsive type behaviours, we use the same ingredient (usually an antidepressant) that a human would use but of course in a much lower dose and in liquid form. 

There are also various anti fungal medications that aren’t available which we can make up for use on dogs with skin conditions. 

As medications become unavailable or in short supply, we can source the raw ingredient to make a particular product into a required dose form. And if your furry little buddy prefers a certain flavour (sweet or savoury) then we can accomodate for this too ! Liver flavour seems to be popular !!




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