Peri-menopause series : Why can’t I sleep ?

Peri-menopause series : Why can’t I sleep ?
As we enter the transitional phase between having regular monthly cycles to not having a period at all, there are many changes associated with this drop in hormone levels. Progesterone and Oestrogen decline (as well as testosterone, DHEA), progesterone at a greater and more rapid rate than our other female sex hormone oestrogen. This creates a wider gap and a resultant imbalance . Progesterone is helpful for sleep and relaxation (it’s an anti-diuretic also) so when we don’t have enough progesterone this can affect the quality and or quantity of our sleep. 
We can bring the hormones up and back into balance with supplementation replace what is missing. Bioidentical hormones are an option which have the advantage of looking and functioning like the hormones in our bodies. 
Visit your GP or we can suggest a Dr near you who can check your levels out via a blood test. It is important also to keep up to date with breast checks, PAP smears , general blood tests too. 
visit our FIND A DOCTOR and BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES pages for more information.

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