Peri-menopause series: why have I lost interest in my partner?

Peri-menopause series: why have I lost interest in my partner?

So there could be a few reasons why you’re feeling like your libido has packed its’ bags! Besides the pressure of everyday life, children, juggling work/life/social there is more than likely a hormonal balance shift that has occurred.  As we hit our mid to late thirties hormones levels tend to decline, oestrogen and progesterone , progesterone (our calming, relaxing hormone) to a greater extent at a faster rate. This gap can cause us to experience symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, fluid retention, fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, hot flushes and more.. or less.  Our DHEA levels also decrease along with other hormones creating an overall imbalance. When one or more hormones are out of balance it can have a knock on affect on another hormone. That is why it is important that your Doctor checks levels and clinical picture for all hormones including your thyroid hormone levels.

Ok, back to the libido or sex-drive issue, or even just wanting to be around your partner!  It seems that this imbalance is the cause (apart from the stress levels and general fatigue issues! )

We suggest having your Doctor check levels and possibly supplement to bring some order back into your hormone levels .  Control stress levels as stress is not your friend when it comes to hormones and health.  In a practical sense it is important to make time for yourself (self-care) and also for some couple time.  This will hopefully give you a starting point to get your mojo back as well as feeling good again. Exercise and diet are also important factors, if you can squeeze a few walks/run/gym visit into your week this will contribute to a healthier you! 

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