Busy life! How do I slow this mouse-wheel down?

Busy life! How do I slow this mouse-wheel down?
This is a recurrent chat we have in-store with our customers and with a few friends too ! Life is busy and there are many pressures for us all… trying to balance family, school commitments, work, social, exercise, appointments, relaxation … and the list goes on takes its toll on our stress levels!   A key word I like to operate around is boundaries. Once you set boundaries with your time then balance should follow. Learn how to say no or later or next time if a certain situation encroaches on a boundary. For example, it is not ideal answering work related emails (unless absolutely necessary) on a weekend and likewise to focus on work when you are there, rather than multitasking at all times. I guess that could be considered being present within the situation you are in.  Remain within that boundary.  This strategy is certainly something to strive for and will assist you to keep on track. 
Creating a peaceful, balanced life will in turn help you stay calm and prevent those feelings of overwhelm popping up. It will also enable you to put your best foot forward with what you are doing at a given time… so you can be that Super-mum or Super-dad and also function optimally in your careers/jobs/running the household.  There also shouldn’t be pressure for a parent to have to work outside of running the home… this in itself is a huge, fulfilling job as we know !! 
Boundary-setting and creation of a balanced life is a process and there will be times when the wheels do fall off… we just have to have a strategy to keep a forward momentum.   Additionally, we have come up with a great little supplement which is a combination with GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid ), 5-HTP (5-hydroxy tryptophan) and inositol. GABA has a calming effect in the body (it attaches to the same receptors as some of the anti-anxiety medications do, but we have this in our bodies so are just topping up! ), 5-HTP converts down to our happy hormone, serotonin and also helps with sleep (it then converts to melatonin) which is fabulous! And a little inositol which helps regulate many important processes, hormones and other chemicals in the body.  We can make this supplement for you and depending on the dose it can be used for calming any sense of panic or anxiety and at a higher dose be used as a sleep aid at bedtime. 
Call into our stores in Byron Bay and on the Gold Coast, email or phone to discuss whether this is a supplement that could assist you !

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