The ABC of your skincare ritual

The ABC of your skincare ritual

What is the best skincare routine for my skin?

Life is busy so having a simple, effective skincare ritual is essential.It becomes bamboozling with the many brands available on the market. 

That is why at Plumped we have streamlined your skin routine for you. 
After cleansing with our glow promoting alpha-hydroxy acid cleansers, application of our power packed serums will deliver the ultimate dose of vitamins to your skin. 

Why is it important to cleanse my skin ?

We all strive to achieve that baby smooth, blemish-free glowing complexion and our Plumped cleansers have been carefully crafted to do just that..

Cleanse : Using our alpha hydroxy acid cleansers.

Morning :Plumped daily lactic gel cleanser, avoiding eye area.

Evening: Glycolic acid exfoliating cleanser at the end of the day. (I keep mine in the shower for convenience) Again, careful to avoid contact with your eyes!

How do I replace important nutrients into my skin?

Once you have cleansed, it is essential that you nourish and rehydrate your skin. 

Serum: Plumped Vitamin B3 to smooth, refine, fade pigmentation and hydrate . This can double up as a primer under your foundation.  Vitamin B3 (aka niacinamide ) also helps repair sun damage behind the scenes!  Use this serum each morning.

Plumped Vitamin C /Hyaluronic acid serum.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, helping to blend and refine your complexion coupled with Hyaluronic acid (to super hydrate), this serum can be used at night under our Vitamin A (retinol) and Hyaluronic acid night gel-cream.  Vitamin A promotes cell regeneration or cell turn-over and production of collagen. Collagen is the matrix or foundation of our skin which depletes with age. 

Eyes on you, extra care for your eye area.
And not to forget our precious eye area… we have formulated the perfect peptide eye gel-cream to firm and smooth around the eye area dispersing the appearance of fine lines.  Apply this under and around the eyes each night. 

Do you suffer from dark circles around your eyes?

We have just the solution! Use our eye treatment twice a week to combat this! It contains caffeine, retinol, vitamin k1 and arnica in concentrations that actually do what they claim to do ! 

So have we covered the ABC of your skin ritual?

A= Vitamin A to promote collagen and cell turnover 

B= Vitamin B3 to smooth, refine and hydrate.

C= Vitamin C to brighten, blend and nourish (the powerful antioxidant that it is!) 

Our supporting active ingredients include Hyaluronic acid, we add this wherever we can! Essential rehydration. 

How can we help ?
We welcome you to email us with your skincare queries, take our skincare quiz on our website or call in to our Byron compounding chemist stores on the Gold Coast or In Byron Bay to discuss your skincare needs with our pharmacists.  

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