Jemma Gawned's Plumped Skin Care Routine

Jemma Gawned's Plumped Skin Care Routine

I have been using Plumped Skin Care for over a year now and my skin loves it! Today I am sharing my morning and evening Plumped routine with you. 


My Morning Routine 

Every 2-3 days I use the Glycolic Acid Exfoliant Wash

Everyday after cleansing my skin, I apply the Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Serum and every second day I add to that my Tripeptide Serum. I live in Australia where the climiate is warm and humid most of the year which naturally keeps my skin more hydrated but when I am in the Andes mountains of Peru where I spend about 4-5 months of my year I need a little extra help in keeping my skin moisterised. When I am in these dry climates I rely on my B5 + Vitamin E and Papaya Day cream. 


My Evening Routine 

In the evening after cleansing my skin I apply my Hyalronic Serum and I alternate between my Vitamin A and Vitamin B3 serums. If I'm in a dry climate then i'll top it off with my Vitamin B3 + Hyaluronic Acid Night Boost Cream. 
And I LOVE my Plumped Body butter morning and night to keep my skin soft and moisturized and the aroma of both of these body butters is simply delicious! 


So there you have it, my morning and evening Plumped Skin Care Ritual. 


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