Why Are Active Ingredients So Important?

Why Are Active Ingredients So Important?

Since our beginning, Plumped has always been about one thing...real results. With super-potent and super hydrating active ingredients, our skincare range delivers beneficial and visible results to all of our clients, no matter what gender, skin type, age or walk of life!  


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is like the wonder woman of skincare. Capable of reprogramming cellular function, Vitamin A not only helps us age more gracefully but helps the fight against breakouts, symptoms of rosacea, treats acne scarring, decreases sebum production, helps to fight pre-cancerous lesion, improves skin hydration and exfoliates the skin leaving an even-toned complexion. Wow!


Vitamin C
We call this one the restorative vitamin. No matter how much vitamin C we ingest, only a small amount reaches the skin, so for real results a topical application is a must! Add Vitamin C to your skin routine to repair redness or sun over-exposure, minimise UV damage, stimulate collagen and elastin production (slow down those wrinkles), fight free radicals, brighten your tone and decrease inflammation. 

Vitamin E
Say hello to hydration and anti-ageing properties. Vitamin E can penetrate deep into the dermis of our skin to really get to work. Vitamin E protects and repairs cell membranes from free radical damage, regulate gene signalling and can slow melanin production. 

Vitamin B3
This is one versatile vitamin, and it's one of our personal fav's. As well as having it's own unique properties, Vitamin B complements other skin care ingredients to boost their effect too! Our bodies aren't able to store Vitamin B in our bodies, so we must get this nutrients from what we eat and what we apply to our skin. Vitamin B can reduce redness, yellowing or sallowness, brighten your tone, decrease hyper-pigmentation, smooth out texture, refine your pore size, plump up your skin and as said before improve the effect of other skin care ingredients. We'll take two, please.





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