That B.ald spot … what is male pattern baldness ?

That B.ald spot … what is male pattern baldness ?

What is male pattern baldness (or female ) and how can we help?

This is a common problem for men and some women. The balding pattern or alopecia presents in different ways for men and women. 
It can be caused by hormones, stress or traumatic events … or is simply a result of genetic predisposition.  Some people choose to wear a wig or have surgical hair implantation, tattooing or opt for a complete shave. 

But there are remedies for this problem to assist in promoting new hair growth and maintaining what hair remains in place. 

This mostly involves a trip to your GP for a prescription and we make these products for you. This includes oral medication (capsules) containing a combination of a product that was initially marketed as a high blood pressure treatment and it was serendipitously found to have hair growth effects.. which is great . It was removed from the market as a blood pressure medication and we can buy the raw ingredient and mix it into a capsule at a much lower dose to encourage hair growth/maintenance.  The other medication it is often prescribed with is used to treat another condition and this helps with keeping  hormones that can contribute to baldness in check ! 
Chat to your Doctor or with us (we can liaise with your  Doctor to come up with your ideal solution .

We also make topical solutions which you can apply directly to the area in question !




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