New season, new site!

New season, new site!

Well the busy Byron Bay and Gold Coast summer season is over and we are welcoming a bit of cooler weather (not too cool )…

WELCOME! to our new website, same information in an interactive new format with a few extra features.
Great job Birddog design!
The online shop is now open for business.

We have extended our trading hours at the Byron Bay store with a 5 o’clock close on a Monday and a Thursday afternoon giving you another hour to collect your orders. Still thinking about opening Fridays in Byron and Mondays at the Burleigh store but will let you know.

We have some exciting new products that will be added to our existing range of custom- made serums, creams and cleansers.

The coconut-lime body butter has been popular, couple that with a coconut lime candle to make a really nice pressie.

We will be making a retinol & hyaluronic acid serum next week, these two ingredients are a match made in heaven, the hyaluronic acid hydrating and plumping the skin while the retinol works its’ magic underneath firming and regenerating.
We will also be making an invigorating beta-hydroxy acid skin toning solution which is gentle on the skin and will complement our alpha-hydroxy acid cleanser and moisturising serums. The three products will be available in a pack.

Will keep you posted,

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