New peptide eye cream-gel

New peptide eye cream-gel

Peptides for smoother younger looking faces!!

Call in and try our new eye cream-gel which contains the latest anti-ageing ingredient available, heptapeptide-8.  


When to use ?

It is the most soothing and plumping product which can be applied at night before bed over the hyaluronic & vitamin C serum (or the high potency niacinamide serum ) to lock the moisture in.  

How does this peptide work in our skin? 

Heptapeptide-8 is known to mimic laminin -5, an essential component of the epidermal-dermal layer of the skin. As we age, this layer flattens which means that the skin ‘metabolism’ is less efficient thus ageing the skin.  So if we can maintain this epidermal-dermal junction or layer then skin metabolism will be more efficient and signs of ageing skin less evident.  Clever huh?  I am sampling this product as we speak!

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