What are free radicals and what do they have to do with my skin?

What are free radicals and what do they have to do with my skin?

Free radicals are BIG in the skin care world, but do you really know about the "why" behind our ongoing fight against them?

 Free radicals are natural by-products of ongoing biochemical reactions in the body. These molecules travel around the body looking for electrons to stabilise themselves, and can take electrons from healthy cells in a process called oxidation. This otherwise normal bodily function is often amplified in our modern lives with external factors such as poor diet and alcohol, medicines, polluted air, sunlight, emotional stress, smoking and infections, just to name a few!

 In the skin cells, free radicals can affect the collagen and elastin that helps to keep your skin tight, smooth and youthful. Free radical damage is one of the main perpetrators involved in premature skin aging, and left unopposed, can wreak havoc on your complexion.

 How to fight oxidative damage caused by free radicals? Antioxidants!

 Basically, antioxidants (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) protect healthy skin cells by donating an electron to the free radicals. This stabilises them and ceases their need to steal electrons from healthy skin cells, keeping them intact and functioning properly.

 Vitamin C is an extremely potent antioxidant that has been shown to reduce the destructive effects of free radicals, helping to prevent injury to the skin at a cellular level.

As well as helping combat free radicals (and therefore premature aging), Vitamin C is a power-nutrient that benefits the skin in many additional ways.

By inhibiting the syntheses of melanin, vitamin C can fade hyperpigmentation and even skin discolouration, ultimately decreasing the appearance of dark spots and brightening your complexion overall. Vitamin C is also essential to the manufacture of collagen, the protein which provides integrity, firmness and elasticity to skin. Maximising collagen levels through topical application of vitamin C promotes long lasting age-protective functions to keep your skin looking and feeling supple.

 Plumped Vitamin C 25% Serum contains a high concentration of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that is vital to our skin health. Topical applications of potent vitamin C fights free radical damage, and can fade hyperpigmentation, even skin discolouration and maximise collagen manufacture. The result is a flawless complexion with tighter, more youthful skin.

 Our skincare products use sodium ascorbyl phosphate, the superior, water-soluble derivative of vitamin C. Sodium ascorbyl phosphate delivers all the benefits of vitamin C without the skin-irritating side effects that can occur with the basic form, l-ascorbic acid – perfect for those with even the most sensitive skin! An additional plus of using this quality form of vitamin C is enhanced product stability, meaning that your Plumped Vitamin C 25% Serum is working harder and lasting longer – saving you money while saving your skin.

 Use Plumped Vitamin C 25% Serum day and night after cleansing; either alone or under Plumped Day Cream or Plumped Retinol Hyaluronic Acid 1:1 Gel-Cream. Add it to your going-out routine to achieve a healthy and vibrant glow!

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