Why liver detoxification?

Why liver detoxification?
Healthy Hormones Liver Support
Before putting hormones into our bodies , it is important to ensure our body’s detoxification system is functioning optimally. Detoxification of the liver can prepare our body to utilise the hormones we put into our body’s  to restore balance. Think of it like a spring clean ahead of buying new furniture for your home! 
Feeling a little hormonal? Need your hormone balance restored? Suffering hormonal symptoms?
Our Healthy Hormones Liver Support is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and the vital/key liver molecule DIM (Diindolylmethane). This combination aids in targeting detoxification of excess oestrogen in the liver, stimulates natural progesterone production and enhances the more beneficial & safer pathways of hormone breakdown in the liver. Indicated for hormone related conditions such as acne, PMS, perimenopause symptoms and prostate health in men. As well as this, DIM is also commonly found in various cancer treatment protocols.  
For those who are unable or for whom it is contraindicated for them to take hormone replacement (bioidentical or synthetic), this is a great option to optimise how our body’s utilise our natural supply of hormones. 
Call in for a chat with one of our expert pharmacists to discuss what your body needs! 

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