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Why targeted nutritionals?

Why targeted nutritionals?

Why Targeted Nutritionals?

Individualised vitamins formulated per patient

    We work with your health professional to find the right solution for you Byron Compounding Chemist works in conjunction with your Doctor to compound primers and INDIVIDUALISED morning and/or evening vitamin and mineral formulations as prescribed.

    Ability to customise usable form

      For example, transdermal creams for children or adults who prefer not to take capsules. We are able to use varying capsule sizes to fit as much of the formula into as few capsules as possible which makes taking your regime much easier. Working closely with the prescriber, we make sure that the correct form of a vitamin or mineral is used and used in it’s correct elemental value.

      Our Team

        Our team is experienced and efficient. We work hard to get your order ready in 2-3 working days and sometimes less! We can recommend Doctors who specialise in testing and prescribing nutritional regimes to treat a multitude of disorders such as depression, anxiety, ketopyrroluria and spectrum behavioural disorders.

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