PEA what is this ?

PEA what is this ?


So PEA is a fabulous molecule that we make into capsules or into a cream you can absorb via your skin. It is otherwise known as the BLISS molecule having cannabinoid like properties whilst not being a cannabinoid (so no need to get a dr prescription for this one).  You also find PEA in certain foods such as egg yolks and turkey.


It assists with inflammation, pain and additionally by alleviating anxiety .. by boosting those feel good vibes. So it works amazingly well to help you get your zest for life back, lose a few kilos and get out and about with your social and sporting groups. 

We so often hear someone complaining of an old sports injury or surgery that hasn’t quite gone to plan.. which leaves them limited in their ability to move.. which in turn prevents them from getting involved and losing weight along the way. (Which in turn will make you feel good)..

Call by our Gold Coast or Byron Bay stores for a chat on how we can help you get a spring back in your step. ! 

Next blog will be on oxytocin , the LOVE molecule. It doesn’t get much better ! 

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