In a nutshell… What is compounding???

In a nutshell… What is compounding???
In a nut-shell… what is compounding ?
Many of you may know a bit about compounding and what it’s all about. We are regular pharmacists who have undertaken additional training to formulate and make medications /supplements using raw ingredients … mixing them up into various forms .. creams , capsules , solutions etc .. resembling the old fashioned mortar and pestle style of pharmacy !
We as humans are unique , therefore our needs are medication-wise too.. compounding enables us to create, usually from a Dr’s prescription or over the counter, customised products to meet your needs and optimise your health outcomes. 
There are a multitude of areas of health that we can look at …even  including veterinary compounding !

Detailed below are several conditions with possible treatment solutions that our compounding laboratory can offer. If you identify with any of the below or you have a health concern that you haven't been able to relieve or resolve, contact us or one of our partner practitioners today. 

  • Hormonal imbalance/Peri-Menopause/PMS/Thyroid/Urinary incontinence.Curious? Read more here.
  • Fatigue, Thyroid hormone insufficiency. Learn more about HRT here.
  • Psychiatry/Epigenetic disorders/Metobolic/Functional Medicine/Behavioural spectrum disorders, depression, anxiety, ASPD. Read about our individualised vitamin formulas here.
  • Supportive supplements. View our practitioner range here.  
  • Insomnia. View our sleep support formula.
  • Skin Conditions. Eczema/Psoriasis/Rosacea/Melasma (unwanted pigmentation). Learn more about our passion for skin care.
  • Cosmeceuticals. Are you a skin clinic (or client) looking for better results from your in house and post treatment products? From scripted peels to anaesthetic cream (strict conditions apply) to our retail range collaborations, learn more about our Plumped Skin Care or contact us to discuss our Clinic range.
  • Pain/NeuralgiaWe make a range of prescription and over the counter transdermal creams. Transdermal simply means that the medication is delivered across the skin and directly to site of pain or into blood stream to have its effect to relieve your pain /discomfort. We can liaise with your Specialist/Doctor/Practitioner to formulate the optimal treatment solution. We also compound capsules of various medicines to help manage your pain.
  • Reformulation of dose form - Sometimes your medicines need to be made into a different form to enable you, your child or aged/unwell family member to take the medicine. For example we make suspensions /liquids for children with reflux who cannot swallow capsules and iron supplement creams which deliver the supplement directly into the bloodstream bypassingi the stomach. Please contact us and we can liaise with your Doctor for the optimal treatment solution.
  • Excipient AllergiesWe are able reformulate from the raw ingredient with cellulose filler, vegetable capsules. Gluten and lactose free options are available. 
  • Discontinued medicines: At times, prescription and over the counter medicines readily available become unavailable. We are able to compound these medicines. Please contact us and we will discuss options with your Doctor or Practitioner.
  • Reformulation dose weaning /reduction - There are a few groups of medicines that when you your Doctor decide it is time to reduce the dose or begin weaning, this needs to be done over a period of time.  We can work with you and your Doctor to compound your medicines into smaller exact doses to make this process easier for you. 
  • Migraine : Please discuss with us the migraine management solutions we can assist you with. Supplements and hormone restoration can offer relief to migraine sufferers.
  • Gynaecology - In collaboration with your GP or Specialist we can compound prescription creams, ointments and pessaries to treat a range of conditions such as Thrush (Candida Albicans),  Bacterial Vaginosis and Lichen schlerosus. 
  • Fertility therapy - We can work with your Fertility Specialist to compound the hormones that you are prescribed.
  • Gastrointestinal - We compound a range of probiotic and prescription anti-parasitic medicines.
  • Mucositis (painful inflamed mouth and gums) Palliative/Cancer care - Combination mouthwashes and other medicines are available either over the counter or on prescription. 
  • Weight reduction treatment - We compound prescription products as prescribed by your Doctor and assist with advice on dietary guidelines. 

Our Compounding Pharmacists and Technicians at Byron Compounding Chemist look forward to working with you and your practitioner to achieve a b.etter you!


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